The Alaska Dream

I’ve lived it and now I’m trying to make sure that our kids and grandkids can live it too. When I came to Alaska in 1965 there were endless opportunities for anyone that was willing to work. I worked on Cook Inlet oil platforms and up on the North Slope. I worked construction projects as a member of the Plasterers and Cement Masons Local 867. I also became a Professional Hunting Guide. I then became your District 25 Representative when I was appointed last year. There are two things that are essential ingredients to my story – good jobs and the ability to get out and experience the real Alaska dream.

Sadly, it has become harder and harder for Alaskans to live that dream. Opportunities for good jobs are being fought by those that resist every effort to open new prospects. Wilderness access is increasingly being denied, controlled, and taken away. It’s impossible to experience the wonders of Alaska if you can’t afford the basics and are not allowed to own or access even a little piece of this immense and wonderful place. I will work to assure that you have the opportunities that make our shared dreams possible. Don’t believe the hollow promises of those that say that they are on your side when trying to get elected, and then work to shut everything down when they get in office. We simply can’t afford those kinds of destructive policies.