Law & Order

Our community cannot thrive if its people, homes, and businesses are not safe and secure. Criminals must not be allowed to run free. I strongly support our police and their mission of protecting the peace. The law abiding people of our district should come first. Furthermore, as a proud lifetime member of the NRA with an “A” rating, I strongly support your right to defend yourself and your family. I will never deny or diminish your Second Amendment rights.

A Strong Defense

Our incredible all volunteer military is essential to our national security. It is also a key part of Alaska’s economy. We must support our military and do all we can to help them perform their mission to protect us. I thank military members for their service and promise to work tirelessly to assure they can keep us safe.

Jobs and the Economy

We have to get our economy moving. That requires getting people back to work and creating new jobs and new sources of income. We need to reopen our economy but we also need to expand our economy. Every Alaskan who wants to work should be able to find a good paying job. I will fight to make that happen.

Fish and Game Management

Our natural resources are supposed to be managed for the sustained benefit of the people. It’s clearly written in Alaska’s constitution. Sadly, special interests and bad policy decisions have diminished fish and game for Alaskans. One of my top priorities is to seek key reforms to our fish and game policies and how they are implemented.

The Budget

One thing that we have all seen is that the government is never satisfied with the amount of money they spend. We need a balanced budget that is assured by constitutional reforms to lock in a common-sense level of spending. I will work to see that taxes on Alaskans are a last resort, not a first option.